Many countries do not allow foreign manufacturers to directly submit an application to the local regulatory authorities, but require a local representative in order for foreign manufacturers to be able to render such an act, and would issue “certificates” ONLY to the local entities. In some cases, the local representative is also responsible for the follow-up surveillance program by the authorities.

What is “local representative?”

The local representative, also called in-country agent or in-country representative, can be a local entity, such as a branch office, a local distributor, or a sales office. It is a legal entity that represents your company in any given country.

We provide Local Representative Service!

If you do not have local presense in any given country that requires local representative, we offer in-country representative service and provide a channel for you to be able to render the required submission as well as obtain the necessary certificate.

For many countries this service is included in our pricing. Click here to find out.